Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflections for last 2 animation lessons

6 key takeaways:

1. I learned how to do a 6 frame animation.

2. I learned how animation so called 'started'.

3. I learned the 3 types of spinning 'things'.

4. I learned about stop-motion animation.

5. I learned how to make a stop-motion animation.

6. I learned how to use sam animation.

4 key concepts:

1. Animation works on the persistence of vision.

2. The fps for a TV (I think) is 24 fps.

3. By combining many frames together, something can be interpreted as a movie instead of a series of pictures.

4. The speed of the object varies as the gaps between the frames differ.

2 interesting things:

1. Animation can be very funny but can difficult to make or create.

2. I now know that some cameras that salesman say is the 'video' function can just be the fps at work.

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