Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ergonomics II

1. What is Ergonomics?

It is the study of a workplace to make the user feel safe and comfortable when he/she is using the workplace/item.

2. What are the 5 aspects of Ergonomics?

Safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance, aesthetics.

3. For each aspects of Ergonomics, explain with an example of a product that is designed for the elderly, how the product meet that particular aspect of Ergonomics.

Safety - The hand-rail. It helps prevent the elderly from falling since they have something to hold onto.

Comfort - Beds in the hospital are usually comfortable, since there are elderly that would get injured and they would have to go to a hospital.

Ease of use - Some handphones have large number keys so the elderly would be able to see it clearly.

Productivity/Performance - Vacuums that can bend save the elderly the trouble of having to bend down when they need to vacuum.

Aesthetics - Signs should be large and the color contrast should be good and the first letter of the word be large (Like This), so they can read it easily.

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